“If you aren’t dreaming big, it isn’t time to wake up.” – John Couret

With over 20 years of corporate sales training and speaking experience, John Couret, President and CEO of Write Hook Media, is the perfect person for your presentation needs. He is available for a wide variety of public speaking, motivational, coaching, and sales training venues. Contact us today to book John and be prepared for a dynamic presentation with the President and CEO of Write Hook Media! His personal growth book, Breaking Barriers: How to Knock Out Adversity and Live Life as a Champion, is available now!

Public Speaking Presentations & Workshops
Having overcome poverty, a life of crime as a misguided youth, living homeless, and being legally blind, John is your go-to guy for any motivational or public speaking venue. His popular talks, “Breaking Barriers” and “The Mindset of a Champion” inspires people to knock down any walls they may face and live their most successful life. Let John show your audience how to break barriers and believe in the power of positive thinking.

Breaking Barriers Seminar/Speech
Why settle for mediocrity? Find your innate power and overcome every obstacle in your way. “Breaking Barriers” is an interactive, hands-on workshop filled with fun exercises and personal anecdotes led by Write Hook Media President and CEO, John Couret. He is a dynamic presenter whose personal experiences of adversity have helped catapult him to success. This engaging yet purposeful exploration of the mind and spirit will allow you to internalize the 5 Cs that are the foundation of John’s “Breaking Barriers” method of knocking out adversity: Conflict Resolution, Centering Yourself, Confidence, Change, and Communication. You will leave inspired and motivated to begin living your life as a champion!

The Mindset of a Champion Seminar/Speech
Are you a champion? Do you know what it takes to live life as a champion? Write Hook Media President and CEO John Couret breaks down his formula for being a Champion in the simplest terms. Using an acrostic, he reveals the “secret sauce” for becoming a Champion.

C onfidence
H onor
A ttitude
M astery
P ersistence
I magination
O rganization
N etwork

Involving the audience, he explains how each of these traits contribute to the Mindset of a Champion. You will leave fired up and believing that you are a winner!

Success Coaching
Are you stuck in a rut and unable to get to the next level? Do you dream of living the life you’ve always wanted but just don’t know how to execute the plan? John Couret, the Success Coach of Champions, can coach you to personal success. His winning methods will help you change your paradigm and begin living a life of limitless possibilities. You’ll learn how to break through your own barriers and begin living your life as a champion.

Sell Like a Champion! How to Kick Ass at Sales
With over 20 years in the automotive sales industry, including positions in finance and management, John has the skills, knowledge, and insight to motivate and inspire your team to develop leadership skills and master the secrets of sales. Your team will learn how to “close the deal,” helping your company achieve boundless success. When it comes to sales, John’s philosophy is: “Salesmanship without sincerity is meaningless.” Contact John today to lead your team to greatness.

Public Speaking Coaching
John loves teaching others how to overcome their fear of public speaking and coaching them to success. The benefits of developing public speaking skills are vast. Learning how to speak in public helps people develop leadership skills, helps establish entrepreneurs as experts in their field, and helps improve critical thinking skills. Allow John to coach you or your team to success.

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