Breaking Through the Fear Barrier

Hey Champions!

Recently, I spoke to my friend, fellow author and speaker, Dave Daley, “The Monster Motivator.” Dave talks a lot about overcoming the barrier of fear and our conversation inspired this post. I talk about overcoming fear in my new book, Breaking Barriers: How to Knock Out Adversity and Live Life as a Champion. Here is an excerpt:

“Fear – Fear is a barrier that prevents you from realizing your full potential. 

Fear is responsible for more missed opportunities than any other word in the dictionary. Think of fear as a straitjacket. It confines you and keeps you stagnant, allowing the world to pass you by. Most people just aren’t miserable enough to overcome their fear and take necessary steps toward what they really want in life. They become content and happy with the status quo. 

Believe it or not, people fear success, they fear happiness, and most of all, they fear change. Overcoming fear is the difference between settling and succeeding.”

The Great Ghandi once said, “The enemy is fear. We think it is hate but it is fear.” Don’t let fear hold you back from the things you really want in life. Use your fear as a springboard for success. Nelson Mandela said, “Courage is not the absence of fear but the triumph over it.” Break through that barrier and see what’s on the other side… I think you’ll be amazed by the path that lies ahead of you.

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