2015 October

The Power of Positive Thinking

The Power of Positive Thinking


What is the power of positive thought and how can it benefit us? Tony Robbins once said that January 15th is the day most people will give up on their New Years resolution. Imagine spending most of the year talking about making a life change, only to give up a couple of weeks into it. What separates the planners from the doers? What’s the difference between those who succeed and those who fail?    

Will Smith once said, “Before anyone else can believe it, you have to believe it.” You must believe you can achieve your goal in order to do so. If you think positive thoughts, you’ll get positive results. It’s just that simple. The toughest part is convincing yourself you can do it. No one ever made it believing they couldn’t and no one ever failed be living they could. Just because you haven’t reached your goal yet, doesn’t mean the journey is over.    

Perhaps you or someone you know would like to quit smoking. Why is it that some people manage to quit smoking successfully while others get stuck in a repetitive cycle? I remember my mother, who was also a smoker, saying that she would quit when her life became less stressful. As you might imagine, the stress continued and so did my mother’s smoking. I struggled with smoking for years, however, through the power of positive thinking and sheer will,  I overcame that bad habit and successfully quit smoking over 20 years ago. 

Weight loss is another pitfall for a lot of people. There are those that say they’re going to lose weight and manage to not only lose the weight, they keep it off for years and even decades later. There are also those that seem to keep losing the same 10-15 pounds year after year. What separates the “losers” from the strugglers? Once again, I too know the feeling of starting that new diet and failing a short while later. Then one day, I decided that being healthy was more important than the pleasure of overindulging and I committed to losing 70 pounds. Not only have I kept it off for more than two years, I continue to make health and fitness a priority and I go to the gym several days a week.

Each year, millions of us set that all too familiar New Years resolution, only to give up a short while later. So what is the power of positive thought and how can it benefit us? Positive thought is simply convincing yourself that you can do whatever it is you set you mind to, that you’re willing to spend more time working on your goal than talking about it. It’s believing that you can and you will no matter what. 

“Never, never, never, give up.” These were Winston Churchill’s famous five words. No matter the challenge, think positive and…


Sincerity Trumps Salesmanship

Sincerity Trumps Salesmanship

If you’re looking to close more deals and improve your customer retention, you might want to take a look at what’s behind your motivation. If the source of your motivation is making more money, you’ll have a tough time convincing clients to buy in. It’s a well known fact that people do business with people they like, so why would they want to invest with someone who’s only looking out for themselves?

We all remember the “sleezy salesman” stigma don’t we? The one who lies every time his lips move. The guy who’ll say anything to get your money because he doesn’t care about you or your needs. The salesman who has zero integrity and is only in it to make a quick buck. Remember this guy? If ever there were an example of how not to do things, this guy is it.

 “Sincerity Trumps Salesmanship.” 100% of the time, without fail. Instead of remembering countless closes, try remembering your client’s name. The first time they say it. Instead of saying “If I could, would you…” try saying, “how would you feel if we did this…?” As a Sales professional, I rarely used “I” in anything I was offering. Get used to saying “we” instead. The very word suggests, “We’re in this together.” The third point is, instead of selling try offering. When you offer something, people are more likely to say yes than if you try selling it to them.

In closing, your clients understand that they need you to facilitate the sale. They can spend time researching your product but your services and level of service you provide is up to you. So the next time you’re in a closing-the-sale situation remember, the client wants to do business with someone they feel they can trust. If you’re sincere, they’ll see it. If you’re not, they’ll see through it.